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(posted on 18 Nov 2023)

I’m truly honoured to have my chronic pain awareness activities and #ArtDespitePain initiative featured in the Fall 2023 Newsletter of the Canadian Pain Society (CPS). The CPS is Canada’s national organization for pain science, pain research, and pain medicine, bringing together clinicians, researchers, students, trainees, and people like me who live with chronic pain and advocate for others still suffering with pain:

"The CPS connects healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers, policymakers, and people with lived experience through evidence-based education.
Our purpose is to drive innovation through advancement and advocacy and revolutionize access and care for those living with pain.
The Canadian Pain Society is a chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain, and “has been a leader in pain research, education, and advocacy since our inauguration in 1974.
It’s a feature of the almost 50-year history that the Society has retained the Chapter’s core belief of fostering an all-inclusive national network of multi-disciplinary members.
Championed by a history of distinguished presidents from a wealth of disciplines, we continually cultivate our contributions to evidence-based education in the face of ongoing voids in health care.” ~ CPS website


The current CPS Newsletter features two of my recent patient advocacy and awareness activities, both part of my Art Despite Pain initiative to increase awareness of chronic pain through art. This initiative uses my art practice and art-learning as means to help manage my own pain condition – and the resulting artworks are applied to raising awareness of pain, for all who suffer with pain conditions.

My Art Despite Pain activities encompass my volunteer work on projects with organizations including the CPS, the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, the Pain Science Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and university health faculties across Canada.

You can read the CPS Newsletter piece here, as a series of four screenshots, as the actual Newsletter is restricted to members of the CPS: 

​Screenshot 1:


Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

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