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(posted on 9 Sep 2023)

To mark international Pain Awareness Month, I've challenged myself to create a painting-a-day series of thirty watercolour works - each one representing pain in some way. This is all part of my #ArtDespitePain initiative, treating my art practice as a pain-management tool and then using the resulting paintings to raise awareness of chronic pain.

For this series I've chosen to give each painting a Latin title, to reflect the language commonly used in medicine and healthcare. Here are a few of the resulting paintings from this week, with some in a much more abstract style than what I've been doing recently.

If you'd like to follow along with the daily paintings feel free to follow me over on Instagram, at @sandrawoods_creative_arts, with the caveat that I tend to post each photo late in the evening.

September 1: "Amorpho in rosea" ("Amorphous in pink"); The first in this series of paintings, showing chronic pain as the nebulous face of a monster because persistent pain can be so difficult to describe or to pin down.

September 2: "Dolor draconis" ("Pain dragon"); Imagining chronic pain as the face of a dragon, one that might hopefully be slayed someday.

September 4:"Nervi ignei" ("Fiery nerves"); Imaginary nerves, engulfed in flames... Dedicated to all the folks who live with persistent burning sensations, anywhere in the body