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(posted on 29 Sep 2023)

There was a great turnout this evening for the Vernissage of the autumn “Art Expo d’Art”, presented by the Artists' Circle of the West Island, despite a common-sense return to physical distancing in the wake of a new wave of covid cases here in Montréal.
From my perspective the timing of this exhibition is perfect, as September is Pain Awareness Month and I began learning to paint specifically because of my chronic pain condition; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), still known in some areas by its former name Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).
Learning to paint was a form of DIY movement-therapy for my significantly affected right hand and arm, as well as brain-plasticity training for my CRPS-related 'mild cognitive impairment'.
This led to my Art Despite Pain initiative, using my artwork to raise awareness of CRPS and other chronic pain conditions. My current painting-a-day challenge for Pain Awareness Month is a good example of this! 
This art exhibition will continue through October 23, 2023 in the beautiful historic building that houses Montréal’s Pierrefonds Cultural Centre. No tickets or reservations are needed, and entrance is free.

Opening hours:
Sat & Sun:   Noon to 1600
Mondays:    Closed
Tue & Wed: 1400 to 1700
Thu & Fri:    1600 to 2000

* Closed Sunday October 8 for Thanksgiving.

Pierrefonds Cultural Centre
13850 Gouin Blvd West, Montréal, QC H8Z 1X7